Tembwe Kambombo Hunting Block

Tembwe Kambombo Hunting block was granted to Kazumba Safaris in 2019 by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Zambia.

Located in the North Eastern part of Zambia, in the Chama District, Tembwe Kambombo hunting block boasts over 70 Km’s of the Mighty Luangwa River. Tembwe Kambombo is remotely located and thus provides a true wilderness experience to its clients. 

Still reminiscent of the “wild Africa” of a bygone era, game is plentiful as is in all hunting concessions along the Luangwa River. Zambia’s hunting Concessions are still very untamed and thus very exciting to hunt. Tembwe Kambombo Hunting Block is completely unfenced, with all animals roaming in and out of the area as they please. This means that oftentimes an animal will appear at the opportune moment, adding both to the thrill and chance to harvest a once in a lifetime trophy.

Four of the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Elephant) are available in abundance in our concession. Additional dangerous game species include both crocodile and hippopotamus. Some unique plains game species are also found in the concession and these include: Sable, Roan, Kudu, Impala, Puku, Eland, Wildebeast, Crocodile, Hippo, Hyena, Heartebeast, Grysbock, Waterbuck, Common Duiker, Reedbuck, Warthog and Bushpig.

We Welcome you to see for yourself and experience for yourself a true African Hunting Adventure filled with memories of a lifetime!

Food and Catering

We cater for meals in camp and offer rustic, healthy food cooked over the fire. Dishes include full breakfasts, packed lunches and campfire meals in the evening. Wide selections of cold and hot beverages are also included in all our packages. All meals are tailored specifically to the clients’ needs and dietary requirements. All this information will be obtained via a client questionnaire sent in advance of his/her Safari and adequate arrangements will be made for a client prior to his/her arrival.


Luxurious bush adventures, authentic experiences and comfort in the heart of the action, one cannot fully express how wonderful it feels to hear the wild through tented walls and experience the thrill that comes with it. Our camps are fitted with full bathrooms, bedding, mosquito nets and unlimited supply of bottled water and air conditioning. Both camps at Kazumba Game Ranch and Kazumba Safaris in Tembwe run fully on green solar energy so electricity is on 24 hours a day. Both camps also come with high-speed Wi-Fi internet.

Kazumba Investments boasts one of the most luxurious safari camps in Zambia. Both the camps at Kazumba Game ranch and at Kazumba Safaris in Tembwe are of 5 star standard with all luxury amenities at the clients disposal.

Trophy handling

The safety and quality of our hunting products is of paramount importance to the success of our hunting business. Therefore we have in place detailed and established procedures for ensuring that trophies are handled with care and quality not compromised during processing. At every level of trophy procession we ensure that labels are secure and clearly kept. All the trophies are stored in a dry, insect and other animal-proof room.

We have our own warehousing in Lusaka where we store our trophies before shipment to clients’ destinations. We are very strict with our trophy shipment documentation to ensure that we send the right trophies to the right clients and on schedule.

Kazumba Investments Limited complies with DNPW and the convention of international trade of endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) guidelines and requirements of trophy handling, processing, registration and export.


Kazumba Investments Limited operates with a fleet of 5 4 x 4 vehicles to help in running the day-to-day activities of the company and for carrying out hunts with the Safari clients. Luxury 4 X 4 sedans are  used to pick up and drop off clients at the airport. Our vehicles are serviced regularly and are in road worthy condition all the time.

Charter aircrafts are the main means of our clients to fly in and out of the GMA from Kenneth Kaunda international airport to the Kazumba Airstrip 10 minutes away from camp

Professional Hunter Services

 Jason Stone is one of the Professional Hunters for Kazumba Safaris since 2015. Mr. Stone is a full member of Safari Club International who has 22 years experience in the safari hunting industry, having begun his hunting career in 1995. Mr. Stone has been exposed to various international hunting environments including South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Central Africa Republic, Namibia and Zambia. In Zambia, Mr. Stone has hunted in most of the hunting blocks with many clients from all over the world. He is a very passionate professional hunter who has extensive knowledge and experience in guiding the hunting of big game, plains game and dangerous animals including big cats.

Kazumba Safaris resident professional hunter is Nicolas Whiteman with over 10 years of hunting experience in Zambia. Nick is a Zambian by birth and has a great understanding of the fauna and flora of the Luangwa Valley. He successfully completed his apprentice training in Chifunda Hunting block and became the resident professional hunter in Chifunda under a different company.  He has a proven record on shooting trophy animals and he boasts a record of successfully harvesting every animal his clients have been after. He is a registered professional hunter with Professional Hunters Association of Zambia (PHAZ) and also licensed with the DNPW.

Conservation and Community Projects

Kazumba Safaris has provided unmatched support towards wildlife conservation and safari hunting operations in Tembwe Kambombo hunting block following its successful award of the block in 2019. Consequent to the award of the block, Kazumba Safaris has made tremendous and tireless efforts in transforming the area to become one of the best hunting blocks in Zambia.

Whilst working closely with DNPW, the Malawi-Zambia Trans-Frontier Conservation Area Project and Tembwe-Kambombo CRBs, the company reviewed the existing law enforcement strategies/plans and came up with innovative strategies to effectively respond to the wildlife conservation needs in the area. To implement the devised anti-poaching strategies, Kazumba safaris has invested heavily in anti-poaching programs in Tembwe Kambombo hunting block. 

Kazumba  realizes that to ensure wildlife sustainability, an effective and efficient anti-poaching approach is significant. Core to the values of Kazumba Safaris is the importance of protecting wildlife on one hand and its habitat on the other because the company strongly believes that without these two elements, no viable and sustainable safari industry can take place.

As already highlighted, Kazumba Investments Limited has an unequaled record in successful anti-poaching and wildlife management in the Tembwe Kambombo hunting block. The company has successfully been running one of the best anti-poaching programs in the Luangwa Valley through a collaborative effort between the Chiefs, DNPW, the TFCA project, the CRBs and the company. This sets Kazumba Investments apart from most hunting outfitters in Zambia.

kazumba Safaris on the other hand is playing a significant role with the help from revenues generated from our clients in uplifting the livilihoods of the communities we work in. Among many projects carried out in Tembwe and Kambombo some notable ones are; providing 4 4X4 vehicles to the chiefs and communities, building a fully fledged school and sinking boreholes in villages where there is no access to clean and fresh water. 

A client can be fully satisfied when hunting with Kazumba Safaris that a significant portion of the value of the hunt goes back towards protecting wildlife, the habitat and improving the living standards of the communities! 

Luxury rooms

Our visitors expect nothing less but luxurious stay and premium feel.

high speed Wi-Fi

All the contemporary technical amenities are included in every room or suite

24 hour solar power

full green power for the entire camp 24 hours a day with a back up generator.

Room service

Most demanding guests will find our room service to be “top of the notch” and a bit more